Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lamborghini Driver

I tried to design the outside of the product which is not an Ideal product. I selected one which was not treated in Lamborghini and progressed to fit into the style of Lamborghini with it.  

After researching for various items, I selected the tools and became to select the Driver among them. I designed the driver fitting into the characteristic of Lamborghini and progressed Hand Made Mock-Up. 

In Mock-Up with my own hands, I mastered the practical sense of the expected size. 

Also, It helped me to design them as the practical product such as the method of structural combination and so on. 


Of wasting water and of using a faucet, I remembered 'a moment' when we unconsciously left faucets running and adjusted water temperature while wasting it. Salva, a faucet inducing to turn off while adjusting temperature, is designed to change user's hobbyfor saving water. Salva can help us not to waste water running unconsciously. In ordinary days, you can use it like general faucets. However, as it is hard to be adjusted temperature while leaving water faucet running, users must try to turn it off. Also, as a control bar gets a form of exclamation when leaving water faucet running, it makes the user aware of a water shortage due to its indiscreet waste.


I designed the control bar by giving shape to an exclamation mark, in order to make us aware of wasting water and to induce us to put it with water. We should be accustomed to save water in our act. I hope that thanks to Salva faucet users could step up more to water saving by lowering control bar.  And, a ripple effect could be expected thanks to water saving. 


VEY is an elegance yacht with a volant meaning a quick and light as if flying to the sky. Motivated by an graceful and elegant scarf from a keyword of Elegance, I made its design. Studying and analyzing the formative form of a knot of scarf and it flied by wind, I designed it with its Character Line, and made a styling design by thinking of a detailed element of a real yacht rather than its conceptual element.

In order to learn more of external design styling than ideal side as a product designer, I selected yacht, one of means of transportation, and thereby it helped me much. Also, I experienced lots of trial and error about the importance of styling. Here this 'VEY' is the result made by lots of my trial and error experienced.

Its elegant line shows the dynamic look as if flying on traveling through wind and the current of water.

The silhouette of yacht looks more and more elegant by lighting at night or evening in a red sky or on the sea. 

I made a good use of backside to design a space for people to enjoy. 

I designed a driver's seat and a resting table space, under which there is a residential space.

I made its design so people could enjoy it on a deck. Also, I made it for water to be well drained when water enters into a yacht. 

I used a knot of scarf for analysis. I manifested the tail of a knot in 2 roads. I used a flapping side of scarf for analysis. I took the flapping line as a character and made its manifestation. I manifested the flapping line in 2 roads and completed a dynamic cover of yacht. I produced an elegant line the way that the end position of 2 roads demonstrated could be a little involved in. 

Pot hanger

In a kitchen, whenever we move out a pan to another place,we used to forget to put a bracket on the table.
At this time, we put a pan down first, bring a bracket, and again moves a pan. Like this, the channel of movement 
is cumbersome when we try to move a pan.
So we suggest a pot hanger that can reduce such an inconvenient channel of movement.

We often forget to put a pan bracket on the table. So we find some inconvenience because we have to go back 
and bring the bracket. 

When we use a POT HANGER to move a pan, it serves as a heat-resisting glove, and when we put it on the table, it 
serves as a bracket because it is used to lift the pan by 1 inch from the bottom.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paper Smile Cup

The ordinary people in daily life are full of anxiety and concern in their faces. They confronted various sufferings 
and trials while they are making a family, working, or studying at school.

I tried to deliver the message of happiness to the people using paper cup. I tried to induce for provoking the 
bigger synergy effect with small change.  


with Byeong Min Choe -

Drop That