Wednesday, April 10, 2013


VEY is an elegance yacht with a volant meaning a quick and light as if flying to the sky. Motivated by an graceful and elegant scarf from a keyword of Elegance, I made its design. Studying and analyzing the formative form of a knot of scarf and it flied by wind, I designed it with its Character Line, and made a styling design by thinking of a detailed element of a real yacht rather than its conceptual element.

In order to learn more of external design styling than ideal side as a product designer, I selected yacht, one of means of transportation, and thereby it helped me much. Also, I experienced lots of trial and error about the importance of styling. Here this 'VEY' is the result made by lots of my trial and error experienced.

Its elegant line shows the dynamic look as if flying on traveling through wind and the current of water.

The silhouette of yacht looks more and more elegant by lighting at night or evening in a red sky or on the sea. 

I made a good use of backside to design a space for people to enjoy. 

I designed a driver's seat and a resting table space, under which there is a residential space.

I made its design so people could enjoy it on a deck. Also, I made it for water to be well drained when water enters into a yacht. 

I used a knot of scarf for analysis. I manifested the tail of a knot in 2 roads. I used a flapping side of scarf for analysis. I took the flapping line as a character and made its manifestation. I manifested the flapping line in 2 roads and completed a dynamic cover of yacht. I produced an elegant line the way that the end position of 2 roads demonstrated could be a little involved in. 

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