Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Of wasting water and of using a faucet, I remembered 'a moment' when we unconsciously left faucets running and adjusted water temperature while wasting it. Salva, a faucet inducing to turn off while adjusting temperature, is designed to change user's hobbyfor saving water. Salva can help us not to waste water running unconsciously. In ordinary days, you can use it like general faucets. However, as it is hard to be adjusted temperature while leaving water faucet running, users must try to turn it off. Also, as a control bar gets a form of exclamation when leaving water faucet running, it makes the user aware of a water shortage due to its indiscreet waste.


I designed the control bar by giving shape to an exclamation mark, in order to make us aware of wasting water and to induce us to put it with water. We should be accustomed to save water in our act. I hope that thanks to Salva faucet users could step up more to water saving by lowering control bar.  And, a ripple effect could be expected thanks to water saving. 

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